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Signs from Above

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Unfortunately, the hospital can be a bit of chaos.  To keep us on task and help us have needed information at our fingertips, management and various ancillary services post needed information within view and arms’ reach.  Sounds good. Until you see what it devolves into over time.  Seriously? Can’t some of these signs be combined? My favorite is the latest one to appear. It simply says, “W.D.Y.D.T? What did you do/document today.”  Wow. You just took up more space with another piece of paper and told me exactly nothing.

The “Accommodations”

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I thought it was nice of the hospital to provide accommodations for nurses who wanted to stay at the hospital during this weekend of bad weather.  Personally, I was not going to take them up on their offer–the hospital is a noisy, stressful place, but I was intrigued to see what rooms they were offering nurses.  I figured it must be either extra space in doctor “call rooms” which have bunk beds in them or empty patient rooms.  Turns out it was neither.  Instead, they were offering us these little cots, that are about two feet wide, lined up one after the other in a conference room off of a high traffic area.  Seriously?  As far as my unit goes, not a single nurse stayed in the conference room.   Can you blame them?

The joy of being essential staff…

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An email from my manager regarding this weekend:

“Please be aware there is a snow storm for the weekend beginning Friday, Jan 29th.  You are considered essential staff and we look for you to be here.  If you think you will have a problem travelling here for your scheduled shift, please let me know, as we will have measures in place for staff to stay over the night before.  If you are scheduled for Friday night, it is a good idea to bring a change of clothes and toiletries just in case.  NOTE: If you are working Saturday and need to stay the night before, please let me know ASAP.”

Perhaps I should just move in to the hospital.  I’d save on gas at least.