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A Very Important Person

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Several weeks ago, when I was getting report to start my shift, I was told that my patient, “MR. X,” was a VIP.  I immediately started to worry. Some people (VIPs or otherwise) are so used to being treated like masters that serving them is burdensome.  They don’t know why they don’t get fresh ice every hour, no one is ever polite enough, and they can’t stand the food.  Some of them order out for dinner consistently.  They think they’re at the Four Seasons—and that my helping them order out is the most important task of my shift.

However, Mr. X was a very pleasant surprise.  He is an elderly, retired gentleman, who was affiliated with our university for decades and received many accolades throughout the years.  When I walked in he shook my hand, asked how I was, and smiled. He complimented the staff and the food and never complained.  Every time I walked in the room he found a way to call me by name, smile, and engage me on a personal level.  He made us all feel important.  At the end of my shift when I said goodbye he said, “It was really nice to meet you.  Good luck with all your endeavors.”

Nice to meet you indeed!