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How a Bedpan Works

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So, I love checking out my blog statistics to see how people find their way to Bedpans.  WordPress has a great feature where I can see which search terms led to my blog.  Today, someone googled, “How a bedpan works” and ended up here.  Really?    When I googled it.  “Yahoo Answers” was of course the first hit.  Ahhh, Yahoo, bringing together the world’s finest minds.  The winning answer was great!

Now, if enquiring minds want to know, I’m happy to put together a brief educational video.  I think a teddy bear would have to be the patient though, and perhaps a small fruit bowl for the bedpan!  Want a video?  Let me know in the comments!

The same google search also led me to a bedpan collector.  He has hundreds.  The weirdest thing is not that this guy collects them and keeps them in his basement but that the comments are full of people who also collect them. One guy plants flowers around them in his garden.  Hmmm… Built in fertilizer?

The Thirteenth Hour

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A twelve hour shift as a nurse really lasts 13 hours.  I get there at 6:45AM and usually finish up at 7:45 PM.  Today I didn’t get done until about 8:30.  Boooh! My feet are killing me! Usually after a really long day my very sweet husband fixes me some food and even brings me a glass of water.  He knows my exhaustion will win out over the need to eat a healthy meal and I’ll go to bed hungry or I’ll eat something horrendously bad for me. He’s not home yet tonight so I’m tempted to go for ice cream or cookie dough!

However, after today’s shift, I may have earned the cookie dough.  It was a long shift and sooo busy that I barely got to breathe.  It was frustrating because I let my patients and co-workers down when I can’t accomplish everything I want to.  Then, to top the shift off, I got a mixture of tube feed (read: baby formula) and gastric contents (read: vomit) on my arm when d/cing an NG tube (read: pulling an 18 inch long tube out of someone’s nose).  Yuck!

By the end of the day I had to refuse to take report on a patient coming up from the Emergency Department because there just wasn’t any time for it.  I was struggling to keep up as it was!  Thankfully I get two glorious days of sleeping in before I go back Sunday.

And, breathe!

Hazardous Vomit

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This weekend I had two students come to the floor and shadow me for an hour or so.  The first day, Lauren came, and we had a rather uneventful experience but she was able to get a tour and ask questions and understand how complex patient care can be.

The next day Mollie came and, unlike Laura, she got a very close look at nursing care.  Probably too close for comfort! One of my patients was vomiting from one end and … well, doing something else from the other end.  He was miserable.  To make matters worse, his vomit was hazardous.  The reason is that he is on a medication so poisonous pregnant women should not touch it.  Furthermore, once the pill has been crushed (or partially digested?) it should only be dealt with under a fume hood.  And unfortunately for me but probably fortunately for the lab techs, he didn’t vomit under a fume hood, he vomited all over himself.  While vomit is always gross, this situation was the first time the vomit was also hazardous to my health!  We got him all cleaned up but poor Mollie may never be the same!