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Anthrax Scare

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Over the weekend a nurse told me a story about an anthrax scare.  Apparently, the cops showed up to a house where a man was a bit out of it and there was white powder all over the room and the gentleman.  The gentleman claimed he did not know what the powder was or how it got there. Due to the threat of bioterrorism, the police called a biohazard team.  Dressed in biohazard “space suits” the biohazard team brought the man out of the apartment, stripped him naked in the parking lot and hosed him down.  I’m sure it was quite a scene!  It turned out the white powder was cocaine.  When they searched the house they found a kilo of cocaine under the couch.  Apparently the cat had gotten a hold of the cocaine, tore it open, and dragged it all over the apartment!  The gentleman was brought to the emergency room and admitted for his drug intoxication.  What a story!