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Report Sheet for Nurse to Use for Free

I was really surprised when I became a new nurse at how hard it was to track down a good nurse report sheet.  I’m setting out to collect as many good report sheets I can find.  Send me your favorite at and I’d love to include it!  If you scroll down to the bottom there is a cheat sheet explaining some of the abbreviations used on these sheets.

Personally, I use “Lindsay.”  I would suggest trying out a few and then using what works best for you.  Almost all are in .doc form so you can edit as needed.

If you are a new nurse, I would suggest starting with one patient per page. As you get more competent, you can put more patients on one page as you start to figure out what information you need on there.  Use your knowledge to know what should be on here!  Don’t just rely one someone else’s sheet. If there are things you tend to forget, edit the sheet to remind yourself!  Somewhere on your page you need code status, physician name, and tubes or lines. But when it comes down to it, just because someone said it in report, doesn’t make it true!  The most up to date allergies, code status, etc. should always be checked in the chart rather than blindly accepted from someone else’s report.

Nurse Report Sheet Designed for Student:

Dottie, 1 pt, good for student

Nurse Report Sheet with 20 patients, Sub-Acute Rehab

Nurse Report Sheet, 20 patients, sub-acute rehab

Nurse Report Sheets with 6 patients on one page:

Nurse Report Sheet, 6 patients, Margaret

Nurse Report Sheet, 6 patients, lines, Sammy

Nurse Report Sheet, 6 Patients, day shift, Stephanie

Nurse Report Sheets with 5 patients on one page:

Nurse Report Sheet, 5 patients, day shift Fran

Nurse Report Sheet, 5 patients, day, Lindsay

Nurse Report sheet, 5 patients, day, Becky (pdf)

Nurse Report Sheet with 4 patients on one page:

Nurse Report Sheet, day shift, four patients, Bethany

Nurse Report Sheet, 4 patients, Bob

Nurse Report Sheet, 4 patients, no meds, Ethan

Nurse Report Sheet with 3 patients on one page:

Nurse Report Sheet, 3 patients night shift, Denise

Nurse Report Sheet with 2 patients on one page:

Nurse Report Sheet, Jon, 2 patients, day

Nurse Report Sheet, Brian, two patients, day

Simple Nurse Report Sheet, Sahara, 2 patients, day

Nurse Report Sheet with 1 patient per sheet

Nurse Report Sheet, 1 patient, Blank and Clean, Coraline

Nurse Report Sheet, Blank and Clean, Caitlin, 1 patient, 1 page

Nurse Report Sheet, Clean, Courtney, 1 page, great for student

Cheat Sheet for Report Sheet Abbreviations:

Explanation of abbreviations

All templates above are printable. You can download and edit the nurse report sheet template.

Many thanks to those who have given me report sheets over the years. If you have one that I can share, please email it to me at


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  2. Hey, I love your blog. You give some great info. I really liked this page, so I linked to it. Drop by and leave a comment :).

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  4. hey I love this however how do you organize for 20 to 30 patients. Acute rehab which is quite similar to hospital nursing.

  5. Good job Caleb, I am a Nurse Educator and found your site very helpful for my new nurses.

  6. Becky Wharton RN

    Hello, I am looking for examples of SBARs for a Neonatal ICN. Got any ideas???

    • Hmmm. Good question. I don’t know much about Neonatal ICUs. Here would be an attempt:

      Situation – Baby Girl Smith has a fever, an elevated white count, and increased work of breathing.
      Background – Baby Girl Smith was born premature and with a collapsed lung.
      Assessment – I think she has an infection.
      Recommendation – I think we need a chest x-ray and may want to start (or change) her antbiotics.

  7. great site im a psych nurse for a 27 bed geriatric unit and we are new having trouble with shift to shift report most nurses are not unsing SBAr do you have any ideas

    • Perhaps they don’t see the value of SBAR. Maybe you could find an example of when SBAR makes a big difference. Personally, I find SBAR most helpful in talking to the physicians. When I am reporting an issue to a physician, I usually already know what I want to happen. SBAR kind of gives you permission to make a recommendation. I see less use for it in giving shift report. When I start my shift, I don’t really want the night nurse to make a recommendation about a patient. Maybe you see it differently though??

      If you really want SBAR are shift report, I would suggest making a report sheet that includes SBAR on it. It will reinforce the behavior. Let me know how it goes!

  8. I’m about to start my nursing preceptorship in the ER, and I’m looking for something to help me out there, any suggestions?

  9. I really like the report sheet of Bob with 4 patients on one sheet though i was looking to see if i can get the same one with 2 patients on one sheet with the info on the next pages close the the info on the first page. That would make it easier when giving a fast overall report to a physician or a nurse manager instead of flipping pages back and forth.

    • Not sure exactly what you mean… Help me understand. I’ll be happy to make one for you. You mean fit it all one one page? You might want to try one of the sheets for two patients. How about “Jon,” just two patients with tons of detail all one one page.

  10. I am a new graduate working on a surgical floor (ortho & neuro). I have found all the samples to be very helpful and am taking pieces from a couple different ones to make a report sheet that works for me. (I appreciate not having to start from scratch.) Much thanks to those that have contributed!!

  11. Hi Lindsay, I came across your blog in a search for “printable nursing report worksheets”. I recently started to work on a subacute rehab unit with 60 residents. I work the 11p-7a shift with one other nurse so we each have a full hall and split the 3rd. The other nurses made report sheets for each hall but I needed something geared more toward the night shift. Your 20 patient report sheet is a life saver and I love that I can edit it on my laptop to fit my needs. Thank you so much!!

    • Glad it’s helpful! So, you actually edit on your laptop at the beginning of a shift and then print out? Had never really occurred to me to do it that way but it makes perfect sense.

  12. I am a new nurse on a Surgical/Oncology floor. I am trying to find a sheet for four patients for night shift, as well as day shift……do you have anything or any suggestions. I know I definitely want spots for pt, room number, diagnosis,allergies, doctor, admission date, code status, accucheck, I & O, IV, diet, O2, BM, skin, labs, IS/turn, cough, deep breathe; nursing status rounds for odd hours only, history, and whatever else you think may be beneficial. I would also like a spot for notes throughout the day so I will have what I feel is pertinent for shift change. If you have anything or can guide me on a good way to design something in this nature, I would really appreciate it.

    • Have you tried the report sheets I’ve collected here: Bedpans Report Sheets? I would start with whichever 4 or 5 patient one you like best and edit from there. They are all in Word so you should be able to edit easily. Give it a try and if you get stuck I can work on it with you. At minimum, let me know which template you like best as a starting point.

  13. i dont get how to make these open! it wont work 😦

    • It may be going to your “Download” folder. You can look there.
      Otherwise, right click on the link and choose “Save As.” Save it somewhere you can find easily, like the desktop or “My Documents.”

  14. I am wondering what you may have for Neonatal ICN report sheets?

  15. Thanks for the great information. I interact with new graduates as part of their hospital orientation and it’s really nice to have a reference for them where they can save and modify sheets to help them as they learn to organize themselves. Thanks for sharing these for free!!! 🙂

    • My pleasure! I was surprised at how hard it was to find free ones when I was first starting…And a good report sheet can make all the difference.

  16. Nurse Report Sheet, 1 patient, Blank and Clean, Coraline

    Can someone please tell me what A, CP, E. M, and heart sign above Acuity at the bottom right of the form mean?

    • That’s a great question. I’m not sure of the answer! This is one of the report sheets that was given to me, not one that I created. Since it’s a word document, you could always change it to something that you think is more useful to you.

      The heart could mean the patient is on tele but there is a separate box for tele.

      Nothing else is making sense to me but I’ll think about it. And if you figure it out, let me know! Not sure if other people have figured it out or just haven’t bothered with it.

      Thanks for checking out the site.

  17. Hi, nursing student here. Can you please make a form/format as a student we should make sure we know for post conference with our fellow students + professor to give report on our patients for the day. I always feel like i think i know everything and got the info down then my professor will throw a curve ball at us to test us. (makes sense) but, please help! thanks!

    • I would start with one of the student report sheets but perhaps you are already doing that!

      What questions does she ask?

      Would she be willing to share a list of potential questions with you?

  18. TY so much, I am a nursing student and our instructor is having us practice doing this now. You have some great hand-off sheets AKA brains 🙂

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  20. What does the abbreviations at the bottom of the page on Coraline’s page mean?

    • I don’t actually know! Someone sent me that sheet. I assume the heart means telemetry. A could be arterial line? CP might be chest pain? The beauty is since it’s a word document you can change it to something useful to you!


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