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Monthly Archives: April 2011

How a Bedpan Works

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So, I love checking out my blog statistics to see how people find their way to Bedpans.  WordPress has a great feature where I can see which search terms led to my blog.  Today, someone googled, “How a bedpan works” and ended up here.  Really?    When I googled it.  “Yahoo Answers” was of course the first hit.  Ahhh, Yahoo, bringing together the world’s finest minds.  The winning answer was great!

Now, if enquiring minds want to know, I’m happy to put together a brief educational video.  I think a teddy bear would have to be the patient though, and perhaps a small fruit bowl for the bedpan!  Want a video?  Let me know in the comments!

The same google search also led me to a bedpan collector.  He has hundreds.  The weirdest thing is not that this guy collects them and keeps them in his basement but that the comments are full of people who also collect them. One guy plants flowers around them in his garden.  Hmmm… Built in fertilizer?