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A deadly bedpan?

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I came across a horrible news story today.  It’s a nursing home story that involves a bedpan. Apparently a nursing home resident was left on a bedpan for 24 hours.  He developed a sore that ended up killing him.  Oddly, the person who put him on the bedpan is the owner of the nursing home.  I find that very odd.  In nursing homes the aides do pretty much everything.  While there has to be a registered nurse on staff, the nurse does very little patient care.  When a nurse does interact with a patient, it’s usually to do something that aides are not certified to do such as give a medication or do a physical assessment.  So why is the owner, of all people, putting a patient on a bedpan at all?

According to the article I read, the incident occurred on Christmas Day. Perhaps they were so short on staff the owner had to come in?  Were staffing levels dangerously low?

The owner was convicted today of felony abuse.  It won’t bring back the patient, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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