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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Haiti: First Impressions

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You may know I’m down in Haiti this week. I’ll post more when I get home but I thought I’d start with a short post on my first impressions.  First of all, though the 2 month anniversary of the earthquake was yesterday, the country is still in DIRE need of help.  I’ve seen people living in far worse conditions than I imagined.  Instead of a house, tent, or hut, they basically have four sticks and perhaps a sheet or piece of tarp.  Others are living right on the ground.  Even those who have standing houses are living outside.  For example, one of the Hatian doctors we have been working with has a standing house. However, there are cracks in it.  She is so afraid that it will fall down during a possible after shock, she still sleeps in a tent and only goes inside for very short–and terrifying–trips to the bathroom.  The people here are still in desperate need of tents, clean water, and latrines.