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Monthly Archives: January 2010

The joy of being essential staff…

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An email from my manager regarding this weekend:

“Please be aware there is a snow storm for the weekend beginning Friday, Jan 29th.  You are considered essential staff and we look for you to be here.  If you think you will have a problem travelling here for your scheduled shift, please let me know, as we will have measures in place for staff to stay over the night before.  If you are scheduled for Friday night, it is a good idea to bring a change of clothes and toiletries just in case.  NOTE: If you are working Saturday and need to stay the night before, please let me know ASAP.”

Perhaps I should just move in to the hospital.  I’d save on gas at least.

Old, not deaf

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Oh, for all the times I’ve heard clinicians practically yelling at patients…  And yet, I’ve only once heard a bold patient respond:

“Why are you yelling at me? I’m sick and I’m old, but I’m not deaf!”

You go, girl.